Women Interactive

Produced by Art of Genius in partnership with Spelman College’s Digital Moving Image Salon, Women Interactive is the inaugural creative technology festival for women with a special focus on women of color. Women Interactive seeks to encourage women, creatives and the “accidental techie” to be empowered to use technology in creative ways for content creation. The festival, taking place at Spelman College on October 13, 2012, has three tracks: Content Creation, Sharing Content and Monetizing Creativity.


Women Interactive Creative Technology Festival (I’m Speaking!)

"It’s a great time to be a woman in technology! A once male dominated field – filled with pocket protectors and scientific calculators is now becoming inhabited by fun, fierce and creative women with a lot to say and even more to contribute to technology’s advancement. That’s why I’m so excited to be participating in the Women Interactive Creative Technology Festival October 12-13th at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA."

The Inaugural Women Interactive Digital Vanguard Awards and Creative Technology Festival in conjunction with Spelman College Digital Image Salon successfully took place in Atlanta Oct 12 and 13th.

College students, academic faculty, technology and media professionals enjoyed the opportunity to interact with innovative technology in our Interactive Atrium, view cutting edge media content in our Screening Rooms, experience technological exhibitions in the Inspiration Hall and participate in media and technology workshops in our Education Suites.

The 2012 Women Interactive Digital Vanguard Award recipients include:

Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Ayoka Chenzira – Interactive Filmmaker, Educator, Founding Director of Spelman College Digital Moving Image Salon.
Social Change Agent: Kimberly Bryant – Founder, Black Girls Code.
Digital Renegade: Angela Benton, Founder, New Me Accelerator/Black Web 2.0
Trail Blazer: Issa Rae, Creator, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.
Neo Tech: Corvida Raven- Founder of shegeeks.net, Co-Founder of Everything Twitter, The Social Geeks Roundtable Podcast, In A Third Place.


Spelman College Hosts Technology Festival for Minority Women

“We really wanted to focus on women and women of color in the tech space. We knew in order to bring these sorts of worlds together, that Spelman was the optimal place to do that.”

Harvey is one of the founders of Women Interactive.

She says three key areas of the festival are to interact, educate and inspire more women to venture into technology.

A heavy emphasis for this weekend will be content creation.

“We have an interactive atrium where you can play with some of the latest apps or just find out about other women of color who have created apps. There are screening rooms where you can watch short-films, animation and web series that are created or produced by women of color.”

Taking place at Spelman College, Women Interactive is a two-day, women-focused festival designed to explore the connection between creativity and technology. The event features workshops, lectures and more that focus on creating, sharing and monetizing digital content. The conference schedule includes programming for filmmakers, bloggers, graphic designers, and — of course — musicians, among others.

“It’s become apparent that technology is integral to life in the 21st century,” said Harvey, who serves as one of the festival’s curators. “That said, it’s important that women have a seat at the table — not just as consumers, but as creators.”

Who should attend the Women Interactive Festival? Tech enthusiast, lifestyle agents, graphic artist, filmmakers, game & app developers, artist and curious explorers who are seeking ways to monetize and break boundaries. Women Interactive is a creative technology festival based on an overall theme of content creation produced by Art of Genius Creative Technology Series . The purpose of the creative technology festival is to empower creativity, women and accidental techies take control of their story by becoming not just consumers of content, but creators as well.